Accessing Lock Stock

To access Lock Stock you will need a Google account.

Accessing the demo

If you want to try Lock Stock before subscribing you can log into the demo by visiting Click the login button on that page and choose the Google account you want to login with.

The demo contains sample data and it will give you the chance to experience the product and test its features before you buy.

Accessing Lock Stock after purchase

When you subscribe to Lock Stock you will be given your own account and you will be assigned your own personal URL to access your data. Enter that URL to be taken to a login page specific to you. Again you will be promted to sign in with a Google account but this time it will be the one you registered with us at the time of purchase.

Your personal version of Lock Stock will only contain the data that you add.

After login

Once you've logged in to the demo or the purchased version you will be taken to the home page.

A note on authorisation

Certain features and aspects found in Lock Stock can only be accessed by the manager or staff who have been given the authority to do so. Your login email will dictate the level of access you have. Onlys user on the adminstrator whitelist are able to adjust the systems settings.

By default, the first user allowed access to a Lock Stock system is added as an "Authority" with no PIN defined. This can be edited or expanded on later.

Additional users and administrators can be added later by requesting an addition to your account. To do so contact [email protected]. Authorities can be added by any user with adminstrative access.