Creating a Product

Now you've added your suppliers it's time to add your products.

To add a product manually to your inventory, click on the Home Page.

It will take you to another page which will look like this:

Fill in the information for the product you wish to add. This page will be referred to as a Products Information page in the manual.

Below is an explanation for each section on the form.

Edit Details

Open this tab to add details about the product.

Additional Information

On the same page there's another tab named addition information. Click it to open it. The information here is for reference only and cannot be edited here.

Stock Check

This section allows you to quickly update the amount of a Product observed during a physical stock take. Your nominated personal department will always be at the top with other departments below.

Departments, other than your Personal Department, are hidden if they have zero recorded stock. This feature can be toggled by clicking .

Additional Buttons

At the bottom of the page you will see some buttons which have various functions and lead to other pages. Let's take a look at what they do.