This section will cover creating an order, completed orders, and editing exisiting ones. You will find next to on the home page, and this is the starting point for any action connected to them.

Clicking will show any current Orders you have with your Suppliers. You can edit existing Orders from here but for now we will look at creating a new one.

Creating an Order

On the Home Page, click and then . This will take you to a page that looks like this.

Fill in the details to create your new order. Below is an explanation for each section of the form.

Adding an item to the order

At the bottom of the page you will notice a series of buttons.

Attached Files

This section is found at the bottom of the page. You can attach any kind of file you like to a Lock Stock Order. Order forms, delivery notes, invoices, hand written notes. You can even use your smartphone camera to quickly and conveniently attach documents.

Simply click take a photo or choose a file, then click

Any files you've already attached will also be listed here.

A Note on Cost

The cost for the number of a product you ordered is shown to the right of its name. For example a tin of beans costs 50p, you've ordered ten, and therefore it shows the cost as £5.

At the bottom of the order the total cost for the entire order is given. Next to that you will see the minimum spend that is required to make an order with that supplier. This limit is defined when creating/editing Suppliers.