This is where you can create notifications and decide on the circumstances that you'll recieve them.

To get started click under . It will take you to a page that looks like this:

The drop down box next to the word "If" is where you set the condition or type of event to happen for you to receive a notification. You can choose out of the available options shown in the drop down box and your choice will affect what other information needs to be filled in.

Below is an explanation of the available options:

Adding Recipients

You now need to choose who will receive the notification. To do so select an email from the choose an email drop down box and click . You can add more than one recipient if you wish.

Last Step

Once you're happy click to add the notification to Lock Stock. Click to return to the previous page without adding it.

Editing and Deleting Notifications

When you click in the menu any previous ones you created will be listed. Select the one that you want to edit and it will take you back to the creation screen where you can then edit the details. Click the to update your changes.

To delete the notification click which will now be highlighted as an option.