Error Corrections

This report describes corrections made when observed stock levels did not match calculated stock levels. Lock Stock will report the value of goods involved. If you are managing your stock correctly these values should be low. If you are getting high values from this report there is likely an issue that needs addressing.

You can select the time period over which you want the report to run. There's also a drop down box where you can choose which products to include. Once you've selected the date range and product type you click .

As well as a summary, a detailed breakdown is offered if any discrepencies were detected.

Current Held Stock

This report shows and breaks down the calculated inventory of any given department that is included in your inventory. The results are returned in order of value. The date that the Product was last stock checked in the chosen Department is also displayed.

Changes to Held Stock

Here you can quickly generate a graph to show how a stock level has changed for a particular department over time.

Simply choose a year and a department, and then click for the graph to appear.

Sales League

You can use this feature to rank your products by sales/profit generated within a specified time period.

You can include all the products you sell or break it down by any Product Types you've created.

Compare Sales Over Time

Here you can create a sales report for any given year. You can include an individual product, a category of products, or all your products. Pick the year you want to generate the report for in the first box labelled year.

Beneath you can select all products or a Product Type from the drop down box. If you only want to choose one specific product select "Do not include summary" instead to avoid issues with scale.

To add an individual product simply click under the Individual Products header. It will show a list of all the products you sell. You can pick as many products as you like to compare but you add them one at a time.

Once you've picked your products, you can choose to see data for sales or profit.

Now click . It will show the data in graphical form and in a table. The Raw Data is purely the sales or profit figures for your chosen products. It's there to be more accessible for if you wanted to use it for other things.

Other uses
The sales report is a quick and easy way to view sales and profit figures but you could use the data in more advanced ways. For example you could move a product in your store, maybe to a more or less prominant position, and then clearly see how doing so has affected its sales and profit margins.

Stock Check List

Just like it says, you can use it to see when you last did a stock check for all products or a category of them.

Pick the product category, the department, and the number of results you wish it to show. Then hit . It takes the data from the stock check tab found on any product's information page. You can access that page here as well by selecting the product.